Consistent with EWI's reputation as a "think and do tank," the Summit fosters problem solving and solution recommendations for difficult international and consequential policy gaps in cyberspace, i. e. the internationally-focused Agreements, Standards, Policies and Regulations (ASPR) gaps. As part of the process, poster sessions will present juried papers on various topics pertaining to international cybersecurity by representatives of several research teams. Abstracts received include:


Youth Protection: Digital Citizenship- Principles & New Resources

Dave Miles, Director - Europe, Middle East & Africa, Family Online Safety Institute


New approaches to dealing with online child pornography

John Carr, Secretary, Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety


Telecommunications Supply Chain Integrity- Mitigating the Supply Chain Security Risks in National Public Telecommunications Infrastructures

John Kimmins, Executive Director/Fellow, Telcordia Technologies


The FATF as Model for Internet Governance

Kevin Newmeyer, Assistant Professor (Homeland Defense), Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies


Malaysia National Cyber Security Policy - The Country’s Cyber Defence Initiatives

Mohd Shamir b Hashim, Government & Multilateral Engagement Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia,


The Organization of Islamic Conference –Computer Emergency Response Team (Oic-Cert) - Answering Cross Border Cooperation

Rahayu Azlina Ahmad ABCP, Manager, Multilateral Engagement Department, Government & Multilateral Engagement Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia


Multi-dimensional Challenges Facing Digital Youth and their Consequences

Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO, e Worldwide Group and  Sr. Associate Fellow, King’s College London


Primer on the International Aspects of International Priority Communications

Stuart Goldman, NGN Priority Telecommunications, Independent Contractor/Consultant, Bell Labs Fellow (Ret.)


Architectural Solution Integration to Contain ICT Supply Chain Threats
Xiaofeng QIU, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, & Liang ZHAO, NSFOCUS


IVDA: International Vulnerability Database Alliance

Chen ZHENG, Yuqing ZHANG, Yingfie SUN and Qixu LIU, National Computer Network Intrusion Protection Center, GUCAS, and School of Information Science and Engineering, GUCAS, Beijing, China


Is the future Web more insecure? Distractions and solutions of new-old security issues and measures

Federico Maggi and Stefano Zanero, Politecnico di Milano


HawkEyes: An Advanced IP Geolocation Approach- IP Geolocation using semantic and measurement based techniques 

Art Dahnert, OVERWATCH®, Textron Systems


Hybrid Elicitation of Latent Intent in Open Societies (HELIOS)

John Palmer, Consultant, Mathematical Sciences, OVERWATCH®, Textron Systems


Emerging Social Media Threats: Technology andPolicy Perspectives

R. Chandramouli, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA


DevEyes Insider Threat Detection

Stanley Young, Business Development Manager, OVERWATCH®, Textron Systems


The Analysis of Youths’ Searching Behavior

Chao LI and Bin WU, Beijing Key Laboratory of Intelligent Telecommunications Software and Multimedia, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Comparing Twitter and Chinese Native Microblog

Wenhao WU and Bin WU, Key Laboratory of Intelligent Telecommunications Software and Multimedia, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Worldwide Security and Resiliency of Cyber Infrastructures: The Role of the Domain Name System

Andrea Rigoni, Igor Nai Fovino and Salvatore Di Blasi, Global Cyber Security Center (GCSEC) & Emiliano Casalicchio, Dep. of “Informatica, Sistemi e Produzione,” Università di Roma “Tor Vergata


Making the Internet Clean, Safe and Reliable- Asia Pacific Regional Collaboration Activities

Yurie Ito, JPCERT/CC, Japan and Chair, APCERT


Information Security Practices Followed in the Indian Software Services Industry – An Exploratory Study

Sanjay Bahl, Microsoft Corp (India) Pvt Ltd, OP Wali, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade & Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology


Cybersecurity Principles for Industry and Government: A Useful Framework for Efforts Globally to Improve Cybersecurity  

Danielle Kriz, Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy, Information Technology Industry Council


Legislation Concerning the Protection of the Right to Online Privacy in China: A comparative study with EU

Yuxiao LI and Jinghong XU, School of Humanities, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Metrics for Measuring the Robustness of the Undersea Cable Infrastructure: A Road to Standardization

Spilios E. Makris, Nicholas Lordi and Melvin G. Linnell, Telcordia Technologies