Consistent with EWI's reputation as a "think and do tank," the Summit fosters problem solving and solution recommendations for difficult international and consequential policy gaps in cyberspace, i. e. the internationally-focused Agreements, Standards, Policies and Regulations (ASPR) gaps. As part of the process, poster sessions will present juried papers on various topics pertaining to international cybersecurity by representatives of several research teams. Abstracts received include:

International Priority Communications

Stuart Goldman, NGN Priority

Telecommunications, Independent

contractor/consultant, Bell Labs Fellow (Ret.)


The organization of Islamic conference - Computer

emergency Response Team (Oic-Cert) - answering

Cross Border cooperation

Rahayu Azlina Ahmad ABCP, Manager,

Multilateral Engagement Department,

Government & Multilateral Engagement Division,

CyberSecurity Malaysia


The FATF as Model for Internet Governance

Kevin Newmeyer, Assistant Professor

(homeland Defense), Center for Hemispheric

Defence Studies


Towards Establishment of Cyberspace

Deterrence Strategy

Dmitri Alperovitch, Vice president, Threat Research,

McAfee, Inc.


Telecommunications Supply chain Integrity

John Kimmins, Executive Director/Fellow,

Telcordia Technologies


Malaysia National Cyber Security Policy - The

Country's Cyber defense Initiatives

Mohd Shamir B Hashim, Government &

Multilateral Engagement division,

CyberSecurity, Malaysia


A cloudy Future: Emerging Security Issues in the

Cloud Computing World

Federico Maggi and Stefano Zanero,

Politecnico di Milano


Threat Analysis of ICT Supply Chain Integrity

Xiaofend QIU, Beijing University of Posts and

Telecommunications, & Liang ZHAO, NSFOCUS


A Brief Study of SNMP Protocol and its Role in

Network Management

Waqqas ur Rehman Butt, Centre of Excellence

in Water Resources Engineering, University of

engineering and Technology


Genomic Processor for Malware

Ken Phillips, Business Development Manager,

OVERWATCH ® , Textron systems


Network Node Geo-Location

Ken Phillips, Business Development Manager,

OVERWATCH ®Textron Systems

The Reality of Cyber Conflict: Beyond Speculation

Eli Jellenc, Geopolitical Research Group, VeriSign

Information Security


Early Detection Approach of Attack Vectors

Ahmad Hassan, Team Leader/Monitoring &

Response, aeCERT


Ending the Scourge of Online child Pornography

John Carr OBE, Secretary, children's Charities'

coalition on Internet Safety


Youth Protection

Dave Miles, director - Europe, middle East & Africa,

Family Online Safety Institute


The IPV6 Forum Cyber Security Task Force: Create a

Worldwide Secure IPV6 Network

LAtif Ladid, President, IPv6 FORUM, Chair, European

IPv6 Task Force


Multi-Dimentional Challenges to the Digital Youth and Its

Consequence to Society and Governments

Salma Abbasi, chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide

Group, Sr. Associate Fellow, King's college London


Network Security Requires International Vulnerability

Database Alliance 

Quxi Liu, Yuqing Zhang, Chen zeng, National Computer

Network Intrusion Protection Center, GUCAS, Beijing, China


Peer- To - Peer Botnet Extraction

Ken Phillips, Business Development Manager, OVERWATCH ®,

Textron Systems


Emerging Social Media Threats: Technology to Policy


R. Chandramouli, Department of Electrical and computer

Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA


Deveyes Insider Threat Detection

Ken Phillips, Business Development Manager, OVERWATCH ®,

Textron systems


Gaming International Humanitarian Law: New opportunities

for the State and Non-state Actors in cyberspace

James Bret Michael, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science

and Electrical Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School &

Thoman C. Wingfield, Professor of International Law,

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies




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